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My name is Terry Ward, I am a British documentary photographer and author, with many years experience,  I took my first serious colour images in 1976 and have documented many subjects. In the eighties and nineties it was scooter boys, raving, street fashion and culture. During the noughties I concentrated on documenting my own personal environment and situation. Including my involvement in scooter sprinting. In 2008 I started recording my local disused railways and airfields. Progressing to historical subjects like architecture and council housing.

I evolved my approach to subjects after watching the Imagine special on Don Mcculin and his war, social and landscape work. Martin Parr is also an influence showing me different ways to look at your subject. People, culture and consumerism now became the centre of attention. I worked using long term projects on different subjects, concentrating on a core idea, then looking at it in different ways. As David Bailey said 'there are no boundaries', that is my ethos when it comes to photography and one of its most existing aspects of it.

One of my latest projects is curating my archive for future study. This includes images, multi media, collectables, ephemera and research material. The archive totals over 25,000 items. I am also working on these on going projects independently. using hi colour and black and white images to capture the majesty of the English countryside, as well as other related subjects.

Madgate Slade: an evolution of my Vista work. Looking at time and its effects on the landscape and focusing on texture and flow regarding flora and fauna within the area of the Madgate Slade..

TimeTicksOn: documenting Saffron Walden’s slow change from market to dormitory town.

I have been writing for about ten years on the specialist subject of Italian scooters, I built and raced my own Lambretta scooter and have been sponsored by shops and companies. I was very successful, winning championships and breaking records, I wrote for various magazines, even having a long running column on the subject.

In the last few years I have concentrated on historical and cultural subjects, focusing on housing and land history, writing pieces to complement my photography projects and compiling small articles regarding English traditions and culture.

In 2014 I published released my first publication 'Back to Basics' The story of the lost prefabs on Sheds Lane in Saffron Walden after the second world war.

Here are a few of my on going projects.

The only way is up: a detailed look at council/social housing in the Saffron Walden area

Home is where the heart is: documenting the housing stock/streets in Saffron Walden focusing on age, builder and some historical background information.

In the last year or so I have completed many community based self commissions. They include Saffron Walden Town Football Club- Up the Bloods 2014-2015 season.
Ridgeons- Acrows and After 2015-2016. A possible exhibition is currently being negotiated.
Grafton Centre Cambridge- Saturday Snapshot 2015-2016

This year I am the Photographer in Residence at Mill Road in Cambridge. This includes documenting the stories of shop keepers and businesses for one year along this iconic road. The results are to exhibited at Cambridge Central Library in April 2017.

After publishing my second publication Vista, I have now created a new free quarterly Zine called GURU. It is available from selected record/books shops in London and Cambridge. 

For 2017 I will be focusing on long term projects such as Fenlands. The body of work created will be shown at the Ely Museum in late 2017. Echoes: a long term landscape project which focuses on Time, Legacy and Abstract and Brexit Means Brexit: a comment on this important subject through images, food, slang and language whist trying to present a balanced prospective.

During 2018 I will be spending time shooting my next exhibitions, First is 'Sanctuary Harlow's Lost Woods' is a body of work that will be shown at Harlow museum at the end of the year. It focuses on many of over 50 wooded areas in Harlow New Town that were built in to the original master plan. Many of the woods are hundreds of years old and at odds with there environment.

Next will be 'Islands of Essex', this show will be shown at the Beecroft Art gallery in Southend early next year. It will focus of the many types of environs present on Essex's surprisingly large number of islands.

I will also be featuring the many and varied businesses that call 'Hackney Arches' there home.From dog groomers to garages, cafes to vintage interiors I tell the personal and collective stories of the community that call this changing area their home.

Also throughout the year I will be researching material for my 'Station to Station' book that will be printed in the near future.


2017 Guru2

2016 Guru

2016 Vista

2015 Back to Basics

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2017 BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Dotty Mcleod Breakfast Show-Interview

2017 BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Jeremy Sallis Lunchtime Live- Interview

2017 Mill Road TV BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Jeremy Sallis Lunchtime Live

2017 Mixcloud Internet Radio- Beatzones Radio Show

2016 Mill Road TV You Tube Channel- Interview

2006 Anglia TV- On location Interview (Saffron Walden)

2005 Anglia TV – Racing coverage and race meeting Interview

1992 Cambridge Fresh FM- 1 Hour radio show

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2017 A5 Magazine

2017 Essex Life

2017 Hertfordshire Mercury

2017 Maldon and Burnham Standard

2017 Colchester Gazette

2017 Chelmsford Weekly News

2017 Braintree and Witham Times

2017 Brentwood Weekly

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Solo Exhibitions

2018 Vista Addenbrooke's Hospital Cambridge

2017 Vista  Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge

2017-2018 Fenlands Ely Museum

2017 Mill Road Finest Hour Cambridge Central Library

2016 Queen at 90 Tea Party Garden Rooms Saffron Walden

2016 Time Ticks On Domestic  Saffron Walden Library

2016 Time Ticks On Industrial  Saffron Walden Library

2016 Time Ticks On Personal  Saffron Walden Library

2016 Time Ticks On Social Saffron Walden Library

2016 Vista  Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge

2015 Vista  Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge

Group Shows

2016 Repro (Café Royal Books) Hanover Project / University of Central Lancashire 

2016 Small Press: Winchester School of Art

2016 Reflections with David Campbell Saffron Walden Library

2015 Annual Exhibition Saffron Walden Camera Club Saffron Walden Library

Featured Collections/Archives

2018 Ely Museum

2017 Saffron Walden Town Library

2017 Wenden Society

2016 Salford Zine Library

2016 Ridgeons Company Archive

2015/2017 Cambridge Arts Collection

2014/2016 Saffron Walden Town Library

2014/2016/2017 Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford

2014/2016/2017 Cambridge University Library

2014/2016/2017 National Library of Scotland

2014/2016/2017 Library of Trinity College, Dublin

2014/2016/2017 British Library

2014/2016/2017 National Library of Wales


2018 Hitchin RCTS  

2018 Bottisham Camera Club

2017 Chelmsford Museum

2017 Edmonton Camera Club

2017 Chingford Photographic Society

2017 Godmanchester Photographic Society

2017 Stevenage Photographic Society

2017 Nazeing History Workshop

2017 Stowmarket & District Camera Club

2017  Manuden and Berden History Society

2017 Station to Station Takeley Historical Society

2017 Depth of Feeling Loughton Camera Club

2017 Publicity and Publishing Essex Authors Day

2017 Station To Station Manuden and Berden Historical Society

2017 Depth of Feeling Stowmarket & District Camera Club

2016 Depth of Feeling Swavesey Camera Club

2016 Take a Trip Bishops Stortford Railway Society

2016 Life Through My Eyes Enfield Camera Club

2016 Take a Trip Waltham Abbey Historical Society

2016 Echoes Wendens Ambo Society

2016 Echoes Hildersham Historical Society

2016 Depth of Feeling  Glemsford Photographic Club

2016 Echoes  Saffron Walden Museum Society

2015 Depth of Feeling  Bishops Stortford Camera Club

2015 Depth of Feeling  Enfield Camera Club

2015 Depth of Feeling  Bury St Edmunds Photographic Society

2015 Depth of Feeling Saffron Walden Camera Club

Lecture Testamonials

Thank you very much for coming to Swavesey Camera Club to give your splendid talk "Depth of Feeling". I know from my conversations with members in the coffee queue that if was very well received. Your approach to photography is refreshing and certainly gave me some food for thought.

With thanks and best wishes.

Hugh Richards
Programme Secretary, Swavesey Camera Club

Dear Terry,

Thank you for your very interesting talk

Waltham Abbey Historical Society.
Jean Church

Really enjoyed your talk last night and I think you will note from the audience response(one of the largest we have had recently) how well it was received.

undertook my commute today with renewed interest and picked out several of the sites you highlighted!

Thanks again and with best regards

Graham Thompson
Takeley Historical Society

Thank you very much. Your talk was much appreciated.

I’ve forwarded the address below to our members.

Kind regards

Jeff Attfield
Manuden and Berden Historical Society

Everyone I have spoken to really enjoyed your talk.

Best wishes
David Pracy Nazeing History Workshop

Thank you so much for tonight's inspiring talk at Edmonton. Your enthusiasm
can across and I'm sure will have prompted our member to get out to take
photos for their own projects.


Nick Clark
Programme Secretary
Edmonton Camera Club

Thanks for the talk, I for one really enjoyed it and I think most members enjoyed it and found it to be a 'breath of fresh air' - so unlike any other speakers we have had. Thank you.



Stowmarket Camera Club

Thank you for a thought provoking talk this evening in Godmanchester.
I am a 'new' photographer who has lots of photographs that I have taken over the years.
I learned a lot this evening, not least, don't throw photos away or 'delete' !
Looking forward to looking at your website and hearing more about your exhibition later in the year.

Kind regards

Godmanchester Photographic Society

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent talk you gave to us at the Stowmarket Camera Club the other week.  I really enjoyed it, it was like a breath of fresh air.  You have certainly encouraged me not to get too anxious about rules and technicalities, and trying to take the perfect shot all the time.  It makes it much more fun and adventuress when freed from these constraints - and I really don't mind if I don't win any competitions!!!  

All the best with your exhibition in Cambridge. 

Kind regards,
Stowmarket Camera Club

Thank you for the interesting talk you presented last week at Nazeing , very informative

Mike Wood

Many thanks for your email this morning and for visiting us last evening, it was a most interesting talk with as you say a different perspective in the line.

Many thanks again for visiting us and for certainly being one of the clearest speakers we have had there

Best regards
Dave Elsdon
Hitchin Branch Secretary

Exhibition Testimonals

Fenlands Sprit of the Fens  Ely Museum

Hi Terry,

The exhibition has been very well received by our visitors. 


Ely Museum


2015-2016  Mill Road Cambridge Photographer in Residence               


I am available for lectures, the first is entitled 'Depth of Feeling'

It is an introduction to myself and my ideas on photography. I discuss how to get close, which is ideal for street photography. How to get published including my ideas on self publishing. I also talk about my Vista project and how I plan to get the project published as a photobook.A Q&A session follows.

Second is entitled Echoes: A Discussion on the Terry Ward Archive 

Over the last few years I have compiled the Terry Ward Archive

This important multi media collection includes thousands of items including over 25,000 photographic images I have taken since 1976. Many subjects are featured. Including local and national history. certain traditional and commercial items, youth trends and cults. Documentary subjects and contemporary landscape images.

Images are curated from over one hundred locations. Ranging from Cornwall to Leeds, London to Brighton. A section focuses on the town of Saffron Walden and it's slow change from a traditional market to London dormitory town.

The archive also includes many other original items including music in its many formats  including vinyl, tapes, CD, ephemera, books, magazines, collectables, recordings of local residence, research material, VHS and short films. The collection contains information dating back to the eighteenth century.
This illustrated talk shows a range of these items with subjects and context explained. Area or subject specific lectures can be compiled and presented on request. Questions are encouraged during and after. 

 Lectures are free but I ask a small amount to cover expenses

                                                 Dairy 2015

20th March Saffron Walden Camera Club - Depth of Feeling

17th Sept Bury St Edmunds Camera Club - Depth of Feeling

15th Oct Enfield Camera Club - Depth of Feeling

1st Dec Bishops Stortford Camera Club - Depth of Feeling

                                                Diary 2016

Jan 11th   Saffron Walden Museum Society – Echoes

April 11th Glemsford Photographic Club -Depth of Feeling

May 27th  Hildersham Lecture Series- Echoes

June 10th Wendens Ambo Society - Echoes

Sept 29th Enfield Camera Club - Life Through My Eyes (New Photographic Lecture)

October 13th Bishops Stortford Railway Society - Take a Trip (Railway Lecture)

Nov17th Swavesey Camera Club - Depth of Feeling

                                                Diary 2017  

Feb 7th Takeley Local History Society-Station to Station (Railway Lecture)

Feb 8th  Loughton Camera Club-Depth of Feeling

March 19th Chelmsford Essex Authors Day

March 27th Stowmarket and District Camera Club- Depth of Feeling

May 8th Stevenage Photographic Society- Depth of Feeling

 27th April Nazeing Historical-Station to Station (Railway Lecture) 

14th May Godmanchester Photographic Society-Depth of Feeling

2nd October Chingford Photographic Society- Depth of Feeling

6th November Edmonton Camera Club-Depth of Feeling

16th November  Chelmsford Museum-Station to Station (railway lecture)

                                            Diary 2018

13th February RCTS Station to Station (railway lecture)

20th February  Bottisham Camera Club  Depth of Feeling  

27th Feb St Neots and District Camera Club  Depth of Feeling 

1st March Royston and District Local History Society  Station to Station 

1st May  'The Hertford and Ware Railway Society'  Station to Station

 24th May Barking Camera Club Depth of Feeling

12th September Elsenham Historical  Station to Station

 25th September Welwyn Garden City Station to Station

1st October Hornchurch Photographic Society Depth of Feeling

1st November Enfield Camera Club Down in the streets  New Photo Lecture

To book contact:

E Mail: Dragsterlam1375@yahoo.co.uk

Web site: www.twardpw.co.uk

Facebook: Terry Ward Photography