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Vista: Is it the Saviour of the English Countryside?

The new photo book by Terry Ward is the culmination of three years study of the English countryside and our influence upon it.

Like different beats of the same drum Terry looks at various narratives looped into a singular path.

Curated into five sections the first Majesty demonstrates the sheer beauty of the rural hinterland around us. Taking influences from Pop art to rave flyers allows Terry to create his own personal vision. Ultra-saturation dominates many of the images. If it is good enough for the Instagram generation it is good enough for him.

Texture looks at the diversity and wonder of the completely forgotten. Many current landscape books focus on the holy trinity of Photoshop, pencil sharp images and stunning locations. Whilst this is perfectly valid for some, Terry feels it is a constraint of his artist freedom and prefers the looser observe, observe and observe approach. Taking the rhythms and flow of texture and running with them.

Dark is where artistically another door opens and the soul is revealed for the first time with great intensity.

Like an explorer for the first time discovering his goals.

Owner and Fringelands are two lines of thinking combined within different ages.

In this country land ownership is an obsession, the saying ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’ backs this up.  These sections are an extension of the edgelands philosophy documenting the land in all its layers and forms. Making a point and observing at the same time.

This book is full of modern attitudes within a classic photobook setting. 

207mm x 290mm


56 pages

44 colour plates

2 black and white plates

Introduction and index

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The book is available direct from this web site

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