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This page has been created as a space for the promotion of the 'World of Vista'. It will stay live until the end of the Kickstarter VISTA Campaign.

Day 1

Launch Day- My project is now live and I already have two backers. Thank you very much to them. The picture below is my iconic shot. It has been featured in Essex Life Magazine and at my exhibition being displayed at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge right now. The story goes that the trees surround a well, this was the location of a lost village. It was destroyed because of the Black Death. The image was shot on the outskirts of Saffron Walden. It is called Hunters Plantation. I have tried something different with this shot. I have made a Landscape a Portrait and pumped up the contrast and saturation. The picture is about the isolation of nature and the way it is disappearing in the wake of modern farming. Which though needed, seems to steam roller all before it.                                                    


Day 2

Thank you to Dave who has become the third backer of the VISTA project. But there are still plenty of time to back so go to the Kickstarter website and search for VISTA. I may have a few more backers today but only time will tell. Today I thought I would list names associated with the land, old and new.













 Day 3

The day started with another backer, thank you. That is now four.

Walk Diary


Frosty with hazy cloud


Hadstock: Holy Well.

The well and pond is situated by the Churchyard in a small village in Essex called Hadstock.
The Village has Danish connections. The church door is reputed to be the oldest
in England. The story goes that captured Danish warriors were nailed to
it. Skin from the prisoners was thought to survive up until very recently.

The mighty Oaks in the field to the south of the Church are probably the remains of an old hedge line. The area also has Roman connections. A Villa from the period was excavated in the nineteenth century by a local Lord. Some Roman tiles from the Villa are thought to still exist today in a stream locally.

Holy Well

Church Door

Mighty Oaks

Day 4


Thanks to the backers that are supporting this project.

Whilst walking around the various old industrial sites. I come across many things. I have started to collect them over the years. Here are four


1.       Byrd’s Farm Chalk Pit: This is piece of chalk from the site. The pit is now full of water and is closed to the public. But it is a haven for wildlife in an area of  large open arable fields

2.       Ashdon Road Chalk Pit: This is another place that is disused, but is a wildlife haven. It has been used as a rubbish dump over the years. With bits of Cars and bags of rubbish everywhere.

3.       Bartlow Junction Signal Box: This still stands just. But a few years ago a large tree took the roof out. It is on the track bed of the Linton to Haverhill Railway

4.       Tiptoft Lane Brickworks: Now almost totally disappeared. The lane approaching it has had many names. Cement Works Lane/Shire Hill Lane to name a few.

Day 5

As a background to the VISTA project I have an Archive of 200+ images.

Here are a few with their stories

This is one of my favourite places to walk. It has so much going on. You have the open fields, the Slade stream, Pond Plantation and a great covered footpath up to The Slipes. The vehicle in the foreground is slowly disappearing into the undergrowth.

Autumn is great time to spot mushroom and fungi. I go to areas near streams that have dead trees left on the ground. This one was spotted in a small Grove by the River Slade in Saffron Walden.



One of my new discoveries is Nunn Wood it has been a wooded area as far back as 1758. To the west within of the wood is a swamp and stream. There appears to be building footings towards the east. Maybe they are associated with Little Walden Airfield. The wood was surrounded by the airfield in the last war.

Day 6

Thank you for your continued support!

Shot taken today in the Mist…………..


Dunftalls 2015

Day 7

The book is split into five sections. The first is Majesty. What are the ideas behind this concept?

 1. Why Majesty?

 It best describes the feeling of the shots. They are portrait so as to concentrate the views eye and hi colour to attract attention

 2 Who are your influences?

Martin Parr’s and his attitude, the Landscapes and East End shots of Don McCullin and the English tradition shots of Holmer Sykes

 3 Where do you shoot?

 Around Saffron Walden in Essex

 4 Why hi colour?

 It attracts attention and is beautiful. My majesty shots are statements of intent

 5 What make a shot suitable for inclusion in this section of the book?

 It must talk to me……………

Day 8

 Field names as fascinating. The 1758 Saffron Walden Map had nearly a thousand

Here are a few:

 Cake Field

 Crab Pastures

 The Piece

 Blackland Close

 Shire Hill

 Townsend Field

 Gallows Hill

 Burnt Woman Close

Day 9

More Field Names from The 1758 Saffron Walden Field Map

Liver Croft


 Great Farleys

 Seven Acre Piece

 The Lie

Day 10

Thanks for the continuing support……….


Walk Dairy



 7 Degrees

Not so much a walk. More an observation of the flooded fields on the former

airfield at Little Walden. The land is very flat after being levelled for the former airfield.

After moderate rain the fields start to flood. On old maps there are various ponds within

the airfield site this may contribute to the problem. In the area pre-dating the airfield was a royal

deer park with mansion and lodge. It is said locally that these buildings were used a target practice by the bombers during construction of the airfield..

Day 11

The second section of the book is called Texture.

The variety of flora and fauna is vast in the English countryside. This section is devoted to it.

The various seasons bring different aspects to document. Winter has bare hedgerows and trees with angry skies.

Spring is a time of colour and re-birth.

The Summer is full of wild flowers of every colour. There random existence is fascinating
Autumn a time of bright colours, crisp mornings and the rise of mushrooms and fungi.

I use various ideas to create an image. Hedges and the plants that surround them very structural. I take the colours down to two or three to simplify the image and draw out the detail. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was drawn to nature as a distraction from the industrial revolution. They were pioneers and used the latest technology in photography and processing. They created various two colour images in shades of yellow, purple and brown. I have used there influence in my work.

Day 12

Thanks to all my backers. I have finally made it. But the door is not shut I welcome any other backers who are interested in this project


10 Photographers who are Influences and what they have brought to my photography

 Martin Parr- colour, detail and variety of subjects

 "Don" McCullin, - humanity 

 Mel DiGiacomo - If there are any rules break them and the integrity of being close

 Holmer Sykes- English tradition and the study off

 Benjamin Brecknell Turner – a sense of place and time

 Bailey – going back to my roots in London

 Mark Neville- the purpose of community photography

 Bill Brant- a tradition to up hold

 Jem Southam – study, environmental detail  and patience

 William Christenberry - project focus and determination

 Day 13

 10 Artists who are Influences and what they have brought to my photography

The Dutch Masters –  the study of lighting

Hockney - design

Turner- the freedom of flow

Constable- tradition

Goya- Darkness as a creative force

Caravaggio - iconography

Monet - softness

Dali – Taking you to the edge

Pre-raphalite brotherhood  - Englishness

Picasso – Colour and Structure

Day 14

10 Songs which are Influences and what they have brought to me

New Order- Blue Monday  -  Electro rhythm rhythm rhythm

Joy Division -Atmosphere – Sadness and elation in the same measure

Peshay -Catch It - Freedom of expression and true originallity

Velvelettes  -Neddle in a Haystack -  Mechanical and Acurate Flow

MPV’s -Turning my Heartbeat up-   Pride from the heart and spins from the soul

McCarthy –Red sleeping beauty-  An extremely melodic piece…….. thanks John Peel

The Cramps -Thee Most Exalted Potentate of Love– The joy of language over a tribal beat

Sonny Cole -Robinson Crusoe Bop  -  Blue-bop-a-lula, he must have got around

 'Cause a-blue-boppin' women are rockin' the town

DCL Locomotive -King midas in reverse - Where music meets Dada

Adonis feat The Endless poker - The poke -  Deep deep House Music…………….. a true inspiration

Day 15

As we enter the second week of my Kickstarter Campaign. I thank all of my backers


 Walk Diary 7/12/15


 7 Degrees

Ashdon Road Disused Chalk pit

I walk most mornings locally and explorer many old industrial sites.
One of them is Ashdon Road Chalk pit. I do not venture within the site as it is
very unstable. But by looking around the general area you can get a feeling of the
Industrial activity of the years gone by. Many relics are left to this day.




Long Wedgers

Day 16  

From the archive

The Scarecrow has a mystical reputation. It is a throwback to a slower time in farming.
The form of a man placed in a field is still used by many farmers in my area. They keep a long tradition alive.


Little Walden Aerodrome 2015

Day 17

Dark, what is that all about?

This picture took me along another path. I realised that my pictures need not only
be taken in the golden hour. Imperfections could actually add to a pictures interest.
Growing in confidence I found I did not need to follow holy trinity of Landscape photography.

Tack sharpness

Photoshop manipulation

Stunning locations.

I could follow my own path. I call this style Dark.




Middle Park 2014

Day 18


10 Books that you should read

Don McCullin- In England

Martin Parr- Think of England

Benjamin Brecknell Turner:-Rural England Through a Victorian Lens

Christina Hole-English custom and usage 

E. P. Thompson-The Making of the English Working Class

John Woodforde-Truth About Cottages 

Chris Steele Perkins-TheTeds

David Campbell-Saffron Walden Through David Campbell's Camera: 1945 - Present Day:  

Richard Allen-Punk Rock

Stanley Wilson-Saffron Crocus

 Day 19

 Thanks to all my backers so far

Walk diary

Catons Lane

Saffron Walden




 11 Degrees

Catons Lane is one of the many rural lanes that surround Saffron Walden.

They are gateways to different areas. Some are woods, some are waste ground and some are fields. But all are of interest to me. Catons Lane is named after the owner of a dairy farm that was located in the surrounding fields. Now those same fields are being used for development of housing or arable farming.

Also located down the lane Saffron Walden Football Club’s ground. It is called The Meadow. To the south is Bridge End Gardens a formal garden that was created by a local Quaker family called The Gibsons.

There is a short cut in between these two places. Over the years a path has been formed through wasteland near The Slade. It is important to see some surviving areas of land left to nature in the town. Many have disappeared in recent years due to development.

Townsend Field

Townsend Field

Day 20


This part of the book illustrates the changing use of land and gives examples of the landscape Pre and Post Enclosure.


Burnt Woman Close 1758

Day 21

It’s nearly the last seven days of my Kickstarter Campaign. If you are thinking of pledging go for it. If you have any questions let me know.

As a background to the Owner section of the book I have collected information on many local traditions

Here are some unique to the Saffron Walden area. Some have died out. Some are still
going strong

Jan- Balsham Ploughmen

Feb- Bishops Blaize procession

Mar-HMS Lapwing reunion

April- Thurston’s Fair

May- Rogation Sunday procession Little Walden

June- Churching of the Mayor

July- Saffron Walden Carnival Queen

Aug- The Common car show

September- Audley End Steam Gala

Oct- Great Chesterford Steam up

Nov- Roundtable fireworks display

Dec Littlebury Christmas Tree Festival

Day 22

Walk Diary


 Clatterbury Lane

 Overcast and Raining

 5 degrees

 This time of  year the weather is Dark and overcast in the mornings. Lots of the local fields are flooded and the trees and hedges take on a stark look. This is ideal for black and white photography.

A medium really allows you to enhance the mood and texture of an image. Clatterbury Lane a track in Hadstock in Essex has got some great Vista’s. Here are two.

Lens Path Hadstock

Clatterbury Lane

Day 23

10 more songs to listen when looking for photographic inspiration

Elvis- Burning Love

The League Unlimited Orchestra- Things That Dreams Are Made Of

The Damned- New Rose

Missy Elliott - WTF (Where They From) ft. Pharrell Williams ...

The Who-  Love, Reign O'er Me,"

Acen- Trip 2 The Moon Part 2

Link Wray- Rumble

Beyonce- 7/11

The Chantays- Pipeline

Tony Clarkes- Landslide

Day 24  

 The last section of the book is Fringlands.

These are areas where man and nature are fighting for control. It could be a piece of rural waste land or an old industrial site that is being taken back by nature. I am interested in the aesthetic of the site. Sometimes these areas are beautiful and sometimes not so. But they are all important and have a place in our culture. They also have an environmental and historic importance that is not always obvious at first glance.



Duntfalls Little Walden

Day 25

 Thank you for the continued support. If you like to help my project go to


  to pledge……….

 The Vista archive is now being organised. Here are a few images from it


      Wild flora in natural light near Westley Farm 2015

1.       Wild Flora with effects Clatterbury Lane, Hadstock 2015

Day 26

The 1758 of Saffron Walden is a fascinating glimpse into the past.
It shows how the landscape would have looked before Enclosure.

Most fields and Woods are named as are long forgotten roads.
Much has changed but with carful study some aspects of that world

Day 27      Not long now……if you would like to pledge go to


 Whilst walking locally I have notice a phenomenon. I put it down to the human spirit. An unofficial network of random pathways has been created. In context of rising land control it is encouraging to see free spirits taking the path that ‘they’ want to take. Dog walkers are the boldest. But soon others follow and a pathway is created. Some become permanent; some disappear as quickly as they were created. They are not mapped but they exist. I decided to document them where ever I see them.

I shall add them to local maps were possible as a record of this practice.

Day 28    

Thanks to all my backers. The project has been successfully funded. 

 I will post updates on this page in the next few months and let you know how things are going!!!

Any questions on Vistaworld contact me at Dragsterlam1375@yahoo.co.uk