Audley End Park Land 2019

January 2019 My latest project is Many Days Many Meanings and is look at the Audley Estate in Essex, which is split in to two parts. A house and parkland estate. which were once both owned by the Braybrooke family. The house was a major Jacobian icon and once the home of Kings and is owned along with gardens by English Heritage. The Braybrooke family may no longer own the house, but still have have large holdings the area, including a large amount of park land. I am documenting how the two areas are run and used to build a picture of the formality, mystery and life within.

Harlow Mill Railway Station

February 2019 Station to Station A Personal Journey down the West Anglia Main Line Cambridge to

London. First lecture of the year is at The Local History and Archaeology Society on the 21st February

doors open at 7.30.

March 2019 I am off to cover Crufts 2019 as press.

April 2019 The London Marathon On the 26th of April 2019 I was very lucky

to cover this amazing event as press.